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Seminar Readings

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Copies of these reading materials are for your use only in connection with the CPSP Curriculum.  Please do not reproduce or distribute the readings.  If you do wish to copy these articles, please follow the usual permission granting procedure.


Readings for 11/16/17  

Session 2 – Developing a Safety Net: Natural Supports         Session 3 – Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Readings for 11/30/17

Session 2 – Systems Dynamics and Behavior                     Session 3 – Working with Treatment Teams**

Readings for 12/7/17                                                

Session 2 – Clinical Tools                      Session 3 – Primary Care Provided by Psychiatrists

Readings for 12/14/17

Session 2 – Supervision and Teaching in Transformation Context                 Session 3 – Value Driven Care**

Readings for 12/21/17

Session 2 – History: Children’s Services; CASSP                        Session 3 – Evidence Based Practices and Practice Based Evidence




2017-2018 Seminar Schedule

Video Seminar_Schedule 2017-2018


Department of Psychiatry, Thomas Detre Hall of the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic
University of Pittsburgh, 3811 O'Hara Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213