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09/01/22 Principles of Service Plan Development: Passcode: qnB%%B8V

09/15/22 Public Health Psychiatry and the Deaths of Despair: Passcode: Y0^X?Mp1 

10/06/22 MH Equity and Cultural Psychiatry for Children and Families

10/20/22 Intersection of Voting and Mental Health

11/03/22 Diagnostic Reform

11/17/22 Mental Health Considerations for Immigrant Communities

12/01/22 Political Divisions & Mental Health

12/15/22 Women’s Mental Health

01/05/23 Street Medicine & Psychiatry

01/19/23 Social, Economic, Political Dimensions of Incarceration

02/02/23 The Clozapine Revolution: Who gets it?

02/16/23 First Episode Psychosis

03/02/23 Support and Healing for Ethnic Minority Employees

03/16/23 Solidarity Care and Integrated Community Therapy

04/06/23 Mental Health Advocacy

04/20/23 Evolution of Addiction Treatment

05/04/23 Workforce Development

05/18/23 Services Research & Meaningful Outcomes

06/01/23 TBD