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08/20/20       Collaboration and Empowerment: Principles of Service Plan Development: Password: 9=^TgWD%

09/03/20       Social Justice: Passcode: ?R9yY2jb

10/08/20       Collaborative Medication Management and Discontinuation Assistance: Passcode: DXf0+pg%

10/22/20       Cultural Sensitivity, Recognizing Cultural Influences:  Passcode: *6xRNhzW

11/05/20       Election Results: Social Impact: Passcode: C79?DH^?

11/19/20       Primary Care Provided by Psychiatrists: Passcode: 93F@Y!v0

12/03/20       Value Driven Care and Psychiatry: Passcode: Ku2hyri=

12/17/20       Addressing Violence: Passcode: T5.#+15+

01/07/21       Transitions to Community and Resilience: Passcode: J6Ut+F30

01/21/21       Social, Economic and Political Dimensions of Incarceration: Passcode: 4rMW+ywB

02/04/21       Victims of Violence and Human Trafficking: Passcode: 9hxGU9.u

02/25/21       Medication Assisted Treatment for Addictions and Overdose Prevention: Passcode: HCS!fS1s

03/11/21       Expanding Capacity – Alternative Psych Care Providers and Consultations: Passcode: 4U5LX?mv

04/08/21      Anti-Racism in Practice: The SMART Tool: Passcode: z^E79bW5

04/22/21      Ethics in Community Psychiatry: Passcode: *3=AF=52

05/06/21      End of Life Transitions: Passcode: r2vmPa*H

05/20/21      OPEN DIALOGUE AND eCPR: Passcode: 5Z!5cV2x

06/03/21      Pain Management and Addictions: Passcode: YfE8&4$0