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09/02/21 Emergency and Crisis Services:  Passcode: Q6y2i@A+

09/16/21 Trauma, Incarcerated and Adverse Childhood Experiences:  Passcode: 6*o6Ei&8

10/07/21 CCBHC’s – Integrating Physical Health Care in BH Settings: Passcode: &53$KEId

10/21/21 Correctional Psychiatry: Passcode: 7G&g@d?&

11/04/21 Professionals in Recovery: Passcode: t.^2*fJV

11/18/21 Gender Affirming Care: Passcode: vc0nDdP=

12/02/21 Climate Change and Impact on Mental Illness: Passcode: q%8&=M5N

12/16/21 Psychiatry and Primary Health Care: Passcode: 0R2JJ@!P

01/06/22 Racial Disparities in Diagnosis of Psychosis: Passcode: *QhB6c*^

01/20/22 Spiritually Informed Care: Passcode: *PvSdY0U

02/03/22 Trauma Informed Communities: Passcode:N2d=vLAq

02/17/22 Disaster Psychiatry: Crisis Response and Management: Passcode: U=9iK8AH

03/03/22 Value Driven Care and Psychiatry:  Passcode: 9J7f!7u1

03/17/22 Anti-Racism in Practice: The SMART Tool: Passcode: #S9Qkk3=

04/07/22 Engaging Family Supports: Goals, Obstacles, Interventions:  Passcode: HAw#n2h!

04/21/22 Peer Support and Working with Peer Professionals:  Passcode: 4Tq+Y*Ch

05/05/22 Cultural Sensitivity, Recognizing Cultural Influences: Passcode: uW1p*txp

06/02/22 Government, Politics and Community Psychiatry:  Passcode: Ai$#qn69